Ranti Bam’s Organic And Sculptural Collage Ceramics

Ceramicist Ranti Bam Medire 2015 Porcelain Featured On Atelier Fifty Five

Freeform, organic, and sculptural are just some of the words that come to mind when viewing the work of ceramicist Ranti Bamgbala aka Ranti Bam, who is inspired by a love of words and metaphor, Eastern philosophy, etymology, and clay. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, and raised in London Ranti set up her studio practice in 2015 after graduating from the renowned City Lit Ceramics degree course.

Ceramicist Ranti Bam Fete 2018 Vulcan-Black-Clay-Featured On Atelier Fifty Five


Ranti’s work makes constant references to, and explores the concepts of light, organic, raw and play. Light that filters through the process and forms, whilst the organic is expressed through the clay in both it’s natural state and surfaces adorned with colours, patterns, texts and textures inspired by the everyday and travels. Working intuitively references the raw, which sees Ranti cut slabs of clay to create the collages that make up the ceramic forms, playing with the material, pushing it to its limits and immersing herself into the creative process to realise each beautifully finished piece.


Ceramicist Ranti Bam Jebra 2016 Terracotta Featured On Atelier Fifty Five


Ceramicist Ranti Bam Loudi 2018 Terracotta-Featured On Atelier Fifty Five


Ceramicist Ranti Bam Untitled 2016 Featured On Atelier Fifty Five


Ceramicist Ranti Bam Rawo 2016 Porcelain Featured On Atelier Fifty Five


Ranti Bam is an artist who is making her mark in the world of luxury handmade craft.


– Tapiwa Matsinde


Additional details:

For further information about Ranti Bam visit: www.rantibam.com


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