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Jewellery: Anita Quansah London Eco-Adornment

Anita Quansah London [Nigeria / Ghana]


Bold, beautiful, and highly expressive accessories that celebrate the strength of a woman without compromising on femininity; just some of the defining characteristics to be found in the jewellery pieces from UK-based accessory designer Anita Quansah. Having trained as a textile designer, Anita set up her eponymous eco-luxury fashion textiles and accessories label in 2006 and saw her intricately embellished textiles leading to the creation of ornate jewel laden neckpieces and the influence is unmistakable when you see the textural quality of the pieces. I can’t get enough of the flower-like statement choker below; the intensity of the violet hue against the gold beads… so, so gorgeous and just one of the many unique, imaginative pieces from Anita Quansah London


[Image credits: top, Kazan Neckpiece; bottom, Tegan Neckpiece – Anita Quansah London]

Self-taught in jewellery design, Anita hand makes all her pieces and has a specific focus on promoting sustainability within fashion, a philosophy that led to her to specialising in unique one-off pieces reconstructed from reclaimed materials. By taking something old to make something new, unwanted garments, textiles and fashion accessories scoured from flea markets, charity and vintage shops are carefully deconstructed, extracting the components that can be turned into wearable works of art; woven together in her signature intricate embroidery style. A typical Anita Quansah piece can include items like rare gems, safety pins, mixed metals, ribbons, buttons, and feathers.

Anita draws inspiration from nature and culture: from travel, art, music, and fashion resulting in richly textured products tinged with a sense of nostalgia; for example, a recent collection made use of rare vintage African textiles and beads, and was inspired by the colourful adornment of the Ndebele tribe and another collection sees a piece using reworked vintage Indian embroidery. The Anita Quansah London Autumn/Winter 2011 drew inspiration from Valentim Quaresma, a Portuguese artist, and designer known for his use of industrial materials in his work and; the film Avatar, in particular examining the interaction between civilisation and culture. Factors translated into a collection of pieces fusing items like nuts, bolts, washers, and safety pins that work to exude a powerful sense of confidence and glamour in those who chose to adorn themselves with Anita’s creations. 

Anita Quansah - AW11 detail
Anita Quansah - AW 11

[Image source: Anita Quansah Autumn Winter 2011 – Not Just A Label]

Of Nigerian / Ghanaian heritage, Anita credits her late grandmother; a seamstress and designer, for instilling the passion for all things textiles within her and recalls her grandmother making clothes for royalty using interesting and embroidered textiles. Her grandmother also taught women skills and believed in the need to make use of the things you’ve been blessed with; one of which is your hands. Sage advice indeed that has led to…

…sumptuous statements in jewellery design

Additional details:
Anita Quansah London jewellery on Shrimpton Couture priced at: USD$300-USD$575
For further information about Anita Quansah: www.anitaquansahlondon.com
To purchase the collection visit: www.shrimptoncouture.com

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