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African Design At London Design Biennale 2016

International design season continues, yesterday I attended the press preview of the inaugural London Design Biennale which is being held at London’s prestigious Somerset House from today the 7th-27th September. The Biennale bringing together work and conceptual ideas from 37 nations exploring the theme Utopia, which coincides with Somerset House’s UTOPIA 2016: A Year of Imagination and Possibility, which marks the 500th anniversary of the publication of Thomas More’s text, Utopia – a work of fiction and political philosophy that More published in 1516 in Latin and primarily depicts a fictional island society and its religious, social and political customs. Representing […]

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Tinja Reinterpreting Classical Tunisian Crafts To Create A Handcrafted Modern Aesthetic

Handcrafted modern is the philosophy of Tinja, an interior design concept developed by a family passionate about their Tunisian crafts heritage. Tinja was founded by Salah Sfar, who wanted to find a way to reinterpret and preserve Tunisia’s handicraft traditions and those of other cultures that have had an impact, by creating a new contemporary vision developing products that would reflect the techniques, and time and care that had gone into making them. [Main image credit: Fokhar collection, Large Yellow Tray – Tinja]

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Design: North African Punched Metal Light Pendants

Dido Designs [Tunisia]     [Image credit: Drum Lampshade – Dido Designs] Flick a switch and watch as light spills through countless tiny holes, each painstakingly punched by hand using a hammer and a punch. This is a method of traditional punctured metal work that has been used in North Africa for thousands of years, and one that makes up the beautiful lighting products from Dido Designs. Working from a 300 year-old factory in Tunisia, designer Caroline Mansouri creates a stunning range of contemporary handcrafted lighting, handcrafted by artisans highly skilled in the intricate metal work method. The lighting is crafted in […]

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Decor: Tunisian Ceramics

Tunisian Ceramics [Tunisia]     [Image credit: Greater Good] Having tried my hand at pottery many years ago as part of my fine arts module and being absolutely rubbish at it – they always exploded in the kiln!!! – I have a deep admiration for artisans who can produce the most exquisite and beautifully decorated pieces. Not too long ago I came across these really pretty Tunisian coffee cups on the Greater Good Network, and loved the intricate patterns and vibrant colours. However, if visiting Tunisia yourself you will find similar ceramics in abundance in the markets allowing you to mix […]

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