The Traditional Equestrian Heritage of the Fulani Is Woven into Luxury Accessories

The Burghley bag By Sahel Craftsmanship from Burkina Faso

Accessories brand Sahel began life in 2008 in the desert of Burkina Faso, where founder and former fashion editor Charlie Davies spent seven years living amongst the Fulani. Moving back to London Sahel became a vehicle for bringing high-end Burkinabe craft skills and products to international audiences. 

Sahel is influenced by Fulani culture, in particular, the equestrian centred traditions that see the horses adorned with vibrant-hued tassels to accentuate their movements and draw attention, whilst harnesses with strong braided straps are expertly hand woven by highly skilled leather artisans within the community. Sahel creates bags and accessories that pay homage to these skills, marrying the traditional of the local leather makers with those of traditional British bridle makers, putting the diversity and exceptional beauty in craftsmanship at the centre of Sahel’s products. 


Cream Leather Didi Craftsmanship from Burkina Faso


Indigo Bamba Bag Sahel Craftsmanship from Burkina Faso


Sahel Blush Bebe Bag Craftsmanship from Burkina Faso

The leather bags made locally in Burkina Faso or in the English countryside using sustainably sourced leather, a by-product of the food industry, and the straps and tassel finishings are made using goat leather from Burkina Faso. Traditional fabrics such as authentic, naturally dyed bogolan/mudcloth, and indigo are also used to create some of the products. 


– Tapiwa Matsinde


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for further information about Sahel visit: www.saheldesign.com


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