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Artist and Designer Yinka Ilori Introduces His Debut Technicolour Homeware Collection

Yinka Ilori Homeware Full Collection Tabletop

In keeping with his colourful patterned signature style artist and designer Yinka Ilori introduces his debut technicolour homeware collection. Featuring textiles, dinnerware, art prints and socks the collection came about by accident. With projects cancelled due to the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, Yinka used the time to create the collection.

The collection grew out an appreciation of the memories and things that brought him joy. Being confined to his home gave Yinka a greater sense of just how much his living space meant to him. Not only was it a place to live but in a time of uncertainty home became a precious and safe space.

Yinka’s work is influenced by a love of storytelling, the influences of his childhood growing up in north London, and his Nigerian heritage. These influences show up in his use of bold patterns and colours. Recent years have brought commissions to transform drab public and private walls and spaces with spectacular murals and installations that one can’t help but smile at.

A champion of greater diversity in design Yinka’s work is all about embracing and connecting diverse cultures and his homeware collection is an extension of this designed to bring people together around a table or at a gathering.

– Tapiwa

Additional details:
For further information about Yinka Ilori visit: https://shop.yinkailori.com/

[Image credits: The images shown belong to Yinka Ilori Studio. If downloaded and used elsewhere please credit accordingly.]

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