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World-Class Design Made In Africa

An ever-increasing list of projects, collaborations, and exhibitions are bringing world-class design made in Africa to the centre-stage of the global design industry. Long overlooked for either being the bargain buy creations churned out for local tourists markets or merely as a source of inspiration for designers around the world, design from Africa was something that was not seen to exist in the definition of developed western design industries. But the fact is that design in its most fundamental form has been an integral part of African societies for centuries, bringing forth iconic creations such as the reclining beds and […]

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The Importance and Value of Craft in Design

In the West, craft is seen as being separate from design, two distinct categories, with craft often being derided for being too cottagey, or folksy in appearance and passed over in favour of the more glamorous design. As such it can be easy to forget that craft is at the heart of many western luxury brands from fashion to automotive engineering. In recent years, however, craft has moved closer to the centre stage and is increasingly being given it’s due, resulting in a greater appreciation for what is made by hand and recognising the importance and value of craft in […]

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A Well Made In Africa Aesthetic Upholds True Meaning Of Artisanship

African design and artisanship is something I am very passionate about, and it is wonderful to see it making great strides both locally on the African continent and internationally. Not too long ago in the West, the terms artisan or craft were seen as inferior, often dismissed as being the poor cousin of the much more feted and glamorous title of designer. But how times have changed, with the word artisan now a buzz word applied to everything from factory assembled furniture collections to processed food. The processes of which, a contradiction to the true meaning of artisanship, which typically […]

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Celebrating Refinement, Elegance and Craft Flowing From the Ateliers of Africa

Trees are important in rural African culture, they bring people together, making them the focal point of the community. A lot happens under a tree, people sit seeking refuge from the rays of the sun, leisurely watching the world go by, church services take place, school lessons conducted, a visiting health clinic sets up triage, and craftswomen lay their mats down sitting atop them, a baby or two sleeping beside them, as they weave baskets, bead clothing, jewellery and more, their skillful hands not missing beat as they catch up on the latest news and gossip.

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Remembering Kossi Aguessy, A Visionary Designer and Artist

  It is with great shock and sadness that I learned about the death of the designer and artist Kossi Aguessy on 17th April 2017 on what was his 40th birthday. Having first discovered and featured his work on the website in 2011, I later had the privilege of interviewing him for a Design Indaba profile. The exchange was both fascinating and insightful as he shared his hopes and visions for future projects.

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