A House Among The Trees Provides a Tranquil Haven

Positioned to maximise the stunning views of its location overlooking Mazowe dam and the surrounding hills and valleys Thetford House is very much at home among the tranquillity of nature. Perched high on a hill the home was built with an eye on sustainability and a need to preserve nature.

Thetford house was built using locally sourced materials, such as wood and stone. And rather than chop down trees and remove the boulders that are characteristic of the area, to make way for the building Pantic Architects kept the natural features, seamlessly incorporating them into the design. Working around massive boulders the architects used them as natural walls and as decorative features by positioning large glass windows to frame the stones creating visual interest in the interiors.

Trees are a striking feature of the build. Thetford House is surrounded by lush tree canopies and branches that provide privacy and shelter from the elements. Lining walkways that lead to the house and to strategically sited viewpoints the trees surrounding the property also create a magical experience of walking among the trees. Nature also inspires the interior design aesthetic whereby earthy tones and textures help connect the spacious interior layout to the outdoors.

Pantic Architects is an award-winning architectural firm based in Harare, Zimbabwe. Led by principal architect Luka Panticis the firm has a portfolio that spans residential and commercial buildings, in addition to master planning and interior design services.

– Tapiwa

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For further information about Pantic Architects visit: https://www.panticarchitects.com/

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