Decor: Tinja Reinterpreting Classical Tunisian Crafts To Create A Handcrafted Modern Aesthetic

Tinja Design Made In Tunisia Featured On Atelier Fifty Five

Handcrafted modern is the philosophy of Tinja, an interior design concept developed by a family passionate about the heritage of their Tunisian craft. Tinja was founded by Salah Sfar, who wanted to find a way to reinterpret and preserve Tunisia’s handicraft traditions and those of other cultures that have had an impact, by creating a new contemporary vision developing products that would reflect the techniques, and time and care that had gone into making them.  

[Main image credit: Fokhar collection, Large Yellow Tray – Tinja]

[Image credits: Zitoun Collection, Large Keskes Trays in Natural Pine Wood – Tinja]  

Salah was joined by Zeineb Sfar and more recently Yasmine Sfar, and together the trio has explored the rich diversity of Tunisia’s artisanal traditions, getting to know the people behind the techniques, and collaborating with them to find ways of preserving the disappearing skills. The beauty of nature, the materials used, a respect for the handmade process of Tunisian crafts, and the time taken to create something, and the resulting imperfections of the process are all factored into the development of Tinja’s product ranges. And, working in partnership with the local artisans Tinja has developed seven product lines, each spotlighting a particular technique or material.  

[Image credits: Fokhar collection, top, Medium Red Tray;
centre, Oud Collection, Small Branche Lamps; bottom, Turquoise Teapot  – Tinja]

Sejnane, is a collection of ceramics made by women in Tunisia’s northern regions. Zitoun sees a collection of cookware, utensils and accessories hand-carved from pine or olive wood. The Korsi collection features vintage furniture updated with handwoven wool, halfa and goatskin textiles. Another furniture collection, Oud plays with painted olive wood branches turning them into whimsical hangers, lampstands, and stool legs. Paying homage to the wider African continent, the Tmar collection resonates with influences of African design and classical wood carving traditions, turning Palmwood into sleek forms. And, in the Hanout collection metal and wood combine to form functional furniture with a workshop style feel. Contemporary ceramics rendered in bright mix and match colours define the Fokhar collection which features cups, teapots and trays.  

[Image credit: Fokhar collection, Aqua Blue Teapot – Tinja]  

The company has also worked on interior design commissions bringing Tinja’s modern Tunisian crafts aesthetic of handcrafted modern to hotels, public space, private residences and restaurants. Tinja’s showroom in Tunisia is a showcase of the work the company produces for export, as well as making available small limited edition products for collectors and for use in their commercial projects.    

Additional details: For further information about Tinja visit: www.madebytinja.com  

[Image credits: All images belong to Tinja. If downloaded and used elsewhere please credit accordingly.]  

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