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The ateliers of Africa are overflowing with creativity and ingenuity. atelier 55 by Tapiwa Matsinde invites you to discover the soul and stories shaping Africa’s ever-evolving heritage of dynamic design & exceptional craftsmanship.

Our Mission…

To support the development of Africa’s diverse design and craft industries and bring the work of talented designers, makers, and creatives from the continent and its diaspora to the attention of local and global audiences.

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Jomo Tariku says…

“…atelier 55 has been a source for research of current trends, networking with other designers as well a place that has shared my work through the years.”


Sourcing the best in African design & craft

If you are looking for beautiful, soulful craft and design design objects for your shop, interior projects or home, we help you find the perfect piece by tapping into our extensive network of designers, makers, and artisans.

Meet Tapiwa

I feel privileged to be a part of what I call the golden era of contemporary African design, a time when we are witnessing a continent-wide, collective, creative reawakening. I celebrate this creative expression by participating in it and working to expand its reach.

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‘However far a stream flows, it doesn’t forget its origin.’

African proverb