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Designer Masks to Keep You Safe and Fashionable

To say it’s been an ‘interesting’ few months would be a gross understatement as life as we know it has been turned on its head. And oh how quickly we adapt. Now I don’t think twice now about grabbing a mask and a pair of gloves before heading out for essential reasons. With some countries starting to ease their imposed lockdown restrictions it has become increasingly clear we are not safe yet and that masks are going to be an essential everyday accessory for some months if not years to come.

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Tanzanian Visual Artist Happy Chikoyo Robert Capturing the Essence of Womanhood

While browsing LinkedIn I came across a post highlighting the work of Happy Chikoyo Robert, a Tanzanian female visual artist. Happy who lives and works in Dar es salaam was born in Songe, the southern part of Tanzania. Her interest in art began early in her life by working with beads and creating drawings. Her work focuses on capturing the female form and essence; and expressing their feelings and beauty. An emerging artist hailed as one to watch. Happy is quietly building a name for herself developing her art skills and experience under the mentorship of fellow Tanzanian artist Haji […]

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5 Chefs Bringing The Flavours of West African Cuisine to International Foodies

Africa has yet to make a permanent mark on international cuisine. Pop up experiences and cookbooks like The Groundnut Cookbook, Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen and Hibiscus have introduced culinary enthusiasts to the diverse tastes of African flavours. Serving as worthy introductions to what the continent has to offer these pioneers have only just scratched the surface. The sheer diversity of Africa’s regions and cultures means there are more exciting taste experiences waiting to be brought forth.

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