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Luxurious Tasselled Silk Masquerade Clutch Collection by Textile Designer Banke Kuku

Landing on Banke Kuku’s gorgeous website is like entering a tropical paradise. The vibrant colours, the patterns, the textures are just mesmerising. Honing in on her Masquerade Collection of tasselled clutch bags Banke has taken her brand’s signature silk prints and woven together strips of the fabrics to form the bags, which are then finished off with a playful complementary string of tassels.

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S3 Ep4 Designing for Meaning, Referencing African Wisdom and Championing Sub-Saharan African Design with Chrissa Amuah

In this episode, I chat with textile designer Chrissa Amuah. Chrissa is a textile designer and the founder of AMWA Designs a London-based brand of handmade textiles and print designs for the home. She is also the founder of Africa by Design a platform bringing together and creating opportunities for African designers. Of Ghanaian heritage, Chrissa’s sees design not only as a way of connecting to her heritage but also as a means to help the continent to realign, re-navigate its future. And harnessing the power of design to bring about great change. It is this passion that led to […]

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Moyi Magazine Issue 5 Celebrates Colour-Filled Homes

The latest edition of Moyi Magazine is out, and firstly what a stunning cover! Apt for our times the colourful cover features artist and activist Malene Barnett founder of Malene B Studio and Black Artists + Designers Guild (BADGuild). This issue celebrates the colour-filled homes of Malene in New York and textile designer Eva Sonaike in London. As a contributing editor for Moyi magazine, I had the pleasure of directing the photoshoot for Eva’s gorgeous, colour and plant-filled home.

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