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Obsidian House Taps into Africa’s Ancestral History and Creativity for Inspired Contemporary Living

The Obsidian House is a pioneering virtual concept home created with the needs of the African American family in mind. Conceived pre-lockdown and developed during the pandemic by the Black Artists + Designers Guild, led by Malene Barnett, Obsidian House is a carefully thought through space that taps into Africa’s ancestral history and creativity for an inspired take on future contemporary living. Obsidian House takes into consideration the physical, health, well-being, emotional, spiritual needs of its occupants and explores the different definitions of what it means to be a family in today’s society.

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A Holistic Well-Being Brand Inspired by Wisdom and Ancestral African Traditions

While doing some research for a magazine article I came across Maison Dassam, a holistic well-being brand inspired by wisdom and ancestral African traditions. The company was founded by Wend-Kuuni BONCOUNGOU, a French-born marketer turned entrepreneur of Burkinabé heritage. Having visited Burkina Faso many times Wend-Kuuni’s wanted to focus her attention on a project that would enable her to share the beauty and riches of her African roots.

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By sharing information – about contemporary African design with curators, collectors and publications; about best business practices with makers and creatives, and making connections between these groups of people, atelier 55 contributes to the growing, thriving world of modern African design.