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Creative Business Support

Crafted for designers, makers, and creatives who want to tell their unique story, and start and grow businesses that command the attention of their local and global audiences.


Having spent 10 years immersed in the world of contemporary African design I have had the honour of getting to know some of the exceptional established and emerging names making their mark on their local and global industries. My behind the scenes conversations, collaborations, and consultancy work has given me deep personal insight into what it takes to start and grow a creative business in Africa and beyond. As a creative business owner myself I know all to well that stepping into entrepreneurship takes courage. Staying the course takes commitment. And commitment requires investing and making the right choices for your business. That is easier said than done!

We’re not born knowing how to weave creativity and business together. Starting out often sees us wearing all the hats as we juggle the demands of running a business. Without guidance you can find yourself going in circles, making the same mistakes every new or growing creative business makes, blocked from breaking through to realize your vision. That’s where I come in. Pooling together all my knowledge and experiences…

I am here to give you a helping hand and lift some of the load.

If you need help crafting a compelling brand story that connects you to your desired audience or guidance on transforming your ideas into a creative business I offer a wealth of branding and storytelling experience, industry knowledge and a fresh pair of eyes to help you see things from another perspective. And can save you precious time in having to figure things out for yourself.


If you are ready to create a business that meets a demanding global standard and gain the visibility that will propel and sustain your business in a highly competitive industry my dedicated consultancy Let Us Tell Stories is how we can work together. Head this way to discover my thoughtfully crafted services.


If you have something specific you need help with I offer limited one-to-one sessions. These are in the form of Clarity Sessions – a 1hr deep dive one-to-one session perfect for creatives who are feeling a little stuck, uncertain of where to start or what to do and could do with a gentle nudge to get moving in the right direction. If your issue falls into my area of expertise* then I’d love to be of service.

*Creative business, branding, market research, story telling, product development, visibility, blogging, content curation, writing a book, exhibitions, trade shows

How it works: You reach out to let me know what you need help with. If I can help we agree a time and arrange to have the session via a video call. A few days before our call I send you some prep work. On the day of the call we chat through what you need help with and come up with a plan to give you clarity and move you forward. After our call I send you notes on what we discussed and the plan that you can put into action right away.

Cost: USD$375

Enquire about my availability here >>

It’s time to build a business that stands for your artistry

Kind words

I have connected with some lovely creatives on my journey, here is what some of them have to say…

Just wanted to say a big thank you for your time and breaking things down to me properly. I have taken a lot in from our call. I am still in awe…..the depth and wealth of your knowledge. Thank you so much for sharing.

– Nana Ashie, aspiring entrepreneur

Tapiwa was very easy to work with, she immersed herself in all things textile to learn more about my business even though she was already very knowledgeable in that area… The greatest value was having a second and fresh pair of eyes looking at where we were from a much more objective standpoint”

– Isatu Funna, founder Dar Leone, UK

[You were] able to understand and offer insight into the problems and difficulties presented. You have a depth of knowledge and experience… [and] the skills to move a project along from conception to completion.

– Lydia Campbell, artist, storyteller, Distance Travelled, UK, Ghana

Need a bit of inspiration & motivation?

As a designer you know that some days things come easy; some days work is hard. You are always welcome here to find curated inspiration and insight into the experience of being a creative entrepreneur.

You are never alone!

The journal

My motivational journal for creative business owners and entrepreneurs sharing information, tips, and lessons learned along the way.


The podcast

Inspiring conversations with leading and emerging designers and creatives from across Africa and beyond, who share their creative business journeys.


If you want to go fast, go alone,
if you want to go far, go together

African proverb