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Investing in your craft

Designers, makers, and creatives let’s work together to start and grow businesses that command the attention of local and global audiences.

We’re not born knowing how to weave creativity and business together. You may find you need support sewing up the gaps in your business knowledge and business skills. 

Designers, makers, creators, entrepreneurs: I have nothing but hope and respect for you. I have stood where you stand and know what it’s like to weave your way through a messy, unintuitive, perplexing world.

Becoming a creative entrepreneur is one of the most courageous things you can do. At a time when there is so much to do and consider, you may be left feeling you have no choice but to put aside some of the things that could propel you on your way.

Without guidance you find yourself going in circles, making the same mistakes every new or growing creative business makes, blocked from breaking through to realize your vision.

You may question your very dream.

Letting someone into your business can be hard until you reach the point where the hours in your day are no longer enough to address all the things that come with founding a business. And the more your business grows, the more important it becomes to recognise when true expertise is worth the investment.

I am here to give you a helping hand.

I bring creative business experience, industry knowledge and a fresh pair of eyes to help you see things from another perspective. Sometimes we get so caught up in the vision for our businesses that we can become blind to what those outside the process are seeing or can contribute.

When your plan and ideas are clear and clearly effective you can go back to doing what you do best, creating exceptional products.

Build a business that stands for your artistry

I support start-up and established designers, makers, and creators in the independent, high-end, contemporary, and luxury design and lifestyle sectors with successful and sustainable entrepreneurship.

Drawing on my graphic design and brand guardian background I have crafted a selection of services to guide your brand-building journey. To help you meet a demanding global standard and gain the visibility that will propel and sustain your business in a highly competitive industry.

Want to work with me? Here's how....

Illuminate Your Brand

Let's transform your brand into one that reflects your unique blend of heart, soul and service to attract your dream audience.


Brand Review Report

Understand how well your brand is performing in your market and in the eyes of your audience with an audit of your brand.


Market Insight

Get to know your market and position your brand for visibility and success with a bespoke market research strategy.

How To Start A Creative Business

A step-by-step course for designers and creatives who want to turn their creativity into a business and make a living doing what they love.

Learn How To Pitch To Press

Get your business noticed by appearing in press. Pitch Your Way To Visibility.will show you how. Includes letter templates and loads of tips.

How To Publish Your Book

Want to publish a book but not sure what to do, or how to get started? Let me guide you through the process with my information-packed book.

There is immense value in investing in your business; the right advice and guidance will help your venture grow and flourish.
Need a bit of inspiration & motivation?

As a designer you know that some days things come easy; some days work is hard. You are always welcome here to find inspiration and insight into the experience of being a creative entrepreneur.

You are never alone!

The Design Diaries

A motivational journal for creative business owners and entrepreneurs sharing information, tips, and lessons learned along the way.

The Podcast

Inspiring conversations with leading and emerging designers and creatives from across Africa and beyond, who share their creative business journeys.

A gift for you....

If you want to go fast, go alone,
if you want to go far, go together

African proverb