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Design: Form and Functional Product Design from Kayiwa

Kayiwa [Uganda]
Kayiwa Storage unit

[Image credit: Kayiwa]
Based in Helsinki, Finland innovative product designer Lincoln Kayiwa was born into an architectural family in Kampala, Uganda. Constantly seeking out solutions to everyday problems and the betterment of existing products Lincoln launched his company, Kayiwa in 2007, displaying a clean and simple aesthetic approach to his designs, whilst keeping in mind the need for functionality.
Kayiwa Coat Hnagers

[Image credit: Kayiwa]
A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Lincoln Kayiwa often dedicates large amounts of time and resource to achieving the best results possible, highlighting the fact that his Ugandan background influences his work. Designs include the multi-functional Aakkoset storage or room divider system for books, CDs, magazines amongst other things  (See image above) and the Dino clothes rack system that has received much local and international attention (Below).

[Additional information sourced from: Six Degrees: Issue 8, 2009: p8-9]

Additional Details:
Prices on the website range from 220.50€-15.092
To find out more about Lincoln Kayiwa visit:


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