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Design: Colonial House Design Inspired by Traditional African Sculpture

Colonial House Design [South Africa]

Colonial House Design - Boma Chair

[Image credits: Boma Chair – Colonial House Design]

Colonial House Design is an interior and furniture design company based in Cape Town, South Africa; and reflecting on its name and location I was expecting a more traditional Cape Dutch-inspired design aesthetic, but instead found designs that draw on traditional African sculpture and the precision geometry of oriental forms. Colonial House Design was founded by Philip and Nicky Tyers; both of whom cite an eclectic range of design influences ranging from traditional African sculpture to those drawn from travels across Asia and South America.

Featuring clean lines and strong solid shapes, Colonial House Design’s design aesthetic is geared towards creating contemporary classics across furniture ranges that include sofas, chairs, coffee tables, cupboards, dining tables; and interior accessories such as mirrors. The ‘Iconic CHD’ collection features iconic and recognisable traditional African forms that are given a contemporary update; like the very authoritative yet regal looking Boma chair; which is bound to be a conversation starter in whatever interior it is placed in. The word Boma occurs in several African languages and relates to a traditional enclosure or fence that serves to protect people, communities or livestock; the essence of which is captured in the chair’s design. 

Colonial House Design - Zen Mirror
Colonial House Design - Abacus Table

[Image credits: top, Zen Mirror; bottom, Abacus Table – Colonial House Design]

The furniture designs are made with the company’s signature use of hardwoods, chrome, and mirrored surfaces combined with luxurious fabrics. Colonial House Design offers a bespoke furniture design service, which has seen furniture created for a diverse range of clientele including luxury lodges. 

Additional Details:
For further information about Colonial House Design and order enquiries visit: www.colonialhouse.co.za

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