Design: Moroso, the Rift Collection Designed by Patricia Urquiola 

Moroso [Africa Inspired]       

Moroso - Patricia Urquiola Rift Chair

Stretching from the Middle East through Eastern African and ending in Mozambique, the Great Rift Valley is considered one of the wonders of the world. Teeming with amazing biodiversity the Great Rift Valley splits into two once it reaches Eastern Africa, forming the Eastern and the Western Rift Valleys. Commonly associated with Kenya and Tanzania, the Western Rift Valley is home to high mountain ranges and some of the deepest lakes in the world, offering visitors spectacular views. The Great Rift Valley is the result of Tectonic plates; unimaginably massive irregular shaped slabs of rock that bump and separate as they shift below oceans and along landmass, causing vast splits that can be several hundred to thousands of metres wide. The Tectonic Plates of the Great Rift Valley provided the inspiration for a range of furniture launched in 2009 by Italian based company Moroso.  

Moroso - Patricia Urquiola Rift Chairs
Moroso - Patricia UrquiolaRift Sofa

[Image credit: The Rift Collection; Moroso]

Abstract and experimental, the ‘the Rift’ collection was designed for Moroso by Spanish product designer Patricia Urquiola, and sees the overlapping forms of the backrests and sides represent the ‘Plates’, giving a layered structure to the designs; whilst the elongated form of the sofas represent the sprawling ‘Rift’. The rounded appearance of the small armchairs reminds me of rocks. 

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For further information about Moroso and order enquiries visit: www.moroso.it

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