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Jewellery: Embellished, Avantgarde Creations by Ngone

Ngone [Senegal]
Ngone jewellery

[Image credits: Fabio Leone/Ngone
Born on the Dakar peninsula, self-taught jewellery artist Ngone started her craft by learning beading before exploring other techniques of jewellery making. Moving to Paris in 1990 Ngone became an apprentice studying under Parisian artisans to hone her skills and in a bid to further enhance her gems and jewellery design skills enrolled in the Nicolas Flamel School of Jewellery Design in 2001.
A highly experimental designer, Ngone’s embellished creations are about the links that bind people together when one ventures beyond the differences, taking inspiration from the point at which diverse cultures intersect and also serve to reflect the contrasting views of the world around her. Ngone’s exquisite showstoppers are a tapestry of materials such as leather, fur, embroidered fabrics, and metal enriched with pearls, gems and braiding… The result is a stunning hybrid of jewellery presented as a form of clothing, draping you in beadwork and gems.
Ngone Jewellery

[Image credits: Boris Veignant/Ngone]
Ngone’s unique pieces and limited editions can now be seen around the world at exhibitions and private viewings in places including Tokyo, Paris and Dakar. In addition to this Ngone also creates and produces custom jewellery pieces for film and fashion designers including Christian Lacroix.
Ngone jewellery

[Image credit: Craig Cook/Ngone]
Très seductive and sensual!

Additional Details:
Visits to Ngone’s Paris showroom can be arranged by appointment
For further information about Ngone visit:


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