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Design: Egyptian Lamps

Zenza [Egypt]

Zenza Lamp

A trip to Egypt looking for interesting accessories for a new home accessories business called Zenza led to, not only a bag full of samples but also a blossoming romance. Fast forward twenty years and Karin, who founded the company, together with her partner Hussein have grown the business into an inspiring boutique of beautifully crafted interior and personal products. From enticing jewel brights to shimmering metals Zenza’s collections include woven home textiles, exquisitely carved furniture, tableware, vases; and embellished mirrors, jewellery boxes, purses, and slippers. 

Zenza Pendants

Based in the Netherlands Zenza is especially known for its stunning, atmospheric lamp collections that are popular with stylists and designers across the globe. Made from silver-plated or oxidized, copper, and brass the lamps are handcrafted in Zenza’s Egypt-based factory and feature intricately detailed punched hole patterns, that when lit cast enchanting shadow patterns across walls, ceilings, and surfaces.

Zenza Lighting and Accessories

Zenza places great value in hand craftsmanship, a characteristic that defines the products they design. Incorporating artisanal techniques from around the world in their designs, Zenza strives to bring a modern look and feel to traditional crafts.

Zenza Light Pendant Cluster

Clustered together some of the pendants would make for a sophisticated alternative to traditional Christmas décor.

Additional details:
For further information about Zenza and to purchase visit: www.zenza.nl    

[Image credits: All images shown belong to Zenza, and if downloaded and used elsewhere must be credited accordingly]

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