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Ikire Jones

Escape to New Lagos - Ikire Jones

[Image credit: Escape to New Lagos Collection – Ikire Jones]

Ikire Jones is a visionary menswear label that celebrates the individual, those not afraid to go against the norm. The Ikire Jones-style sees old-world tradition combined with contemporary aesthetics in the form of vibrant flamboyant West African textiles and inspiration married with the sophistication of sharp Neapolitan tailoring to create garments that are expertly hand-cut and sewn in Philadelphia, USA where the company is based.

Of Saints & Savages - Ikire Jones
Of Saints & Savages - Ikire Jones

[Image credits: top and bottom, The Untold Renaissance Collection – Ikire Jones]

The company was founded by Walé Oyéjidé, a designer, afrobeat musician, and attorney; and Sam Hubler, a musician, and bespoke tailor. The duo set about creating collections that were not only impeccably made but also ones that would tell stories.

Escape to New Lagos - Ikire Jones

[Image credit: Escape to New Lagos Collection – Ikire Jones]

‘We make clothing for adventurous people.  It is a common-enough goal, but one rarely accomplished with elegance.’

Storytelling is an integral part of the design process. Walé and Sam aim to give each piece they create ‘an identity and history of its own’. Their scarves and pocket square designs, in particular, embody this sentiment, with collections such as ‘Of Saints & Savages’, ‘The Untold Renaissance’ and ‘Escape to New Lagos’ depicting thought-provoking narratives ranging from depictions of Africans in historical Western fine art to folk tales capturing snapshots of Africans in the future. The collections are printed on a wool/silk tapestry and are individually hand-rolled in Macclesfield, England. 

The company’s work extends to short films, illustrations, and writings that bring their collections and visions to life.

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For further information about Ikire Jones and to purchase visit: www.ikirejones.com

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