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Jewellery: St-Erasmus Opulent Jewellery Creations

St-Erasmus [South Africa]

St-Erasmus Begum 2 The Obama Necklace

[Image credit: St-Erasmus]

Prior to becoming the jewellery designer name on everyone’s lips when the ever-stylish Michelle Obama was pictured wearing one of his statement necklaces the Begum 2, Pieter Erasmus was well-known within the industry, designing and creating jewellery for leading couture fashion houses such as Givenchy and Alexander McQueen. Pieter Erasmus defines his jewellery as “experimental but ultimately wearable”, creating modern classics that have a very distinctive look. St-Erasmus pieces reflect opulence and majesty and are heirlooms of the future. This is exquisite jewellery not afraid to make a statement; created to make you look and feel fabulous.

[Image credit: St-Erasmus]

St-Erasmus jewellery is deeply rooted in Africa; something Pieter is keen to highlight and ensure is seen reflected throughout his jewellery, and using traditional artisan techniques St-Erasmus seamlessly blends cross-cultural inspiration from Africa, India and Europe.

St-Erasmus Jewellery Autumn Winter 2010-11

[Image credits: St-Erasmus]

There is a sense of nostalgia about St-Erasmus jewellery – think ancient kingdoms, Elizabethan and Victorian influences and a dusting of glamour from the golden age of Hollywood – appealing to hopeless romantics with its combinations of intricately constructed pearls and crystals amongst others. I am in awe of the level of craftsmanship and work that goes into all the pieces and my personal favourite is the Begum 1, below as I was immediately drawn to the colours.

St-Erasmus Begum 1 Necklace

[Image credit: St-Erasmus]

Irresistible, scrumptious and gorgeous – the stuff of daydreams!

Additional Details:
Prices shown on the website range from: £59.50-£392For information, stockists and availability visit: www.st-erasmus.com

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