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Accessories: Sseko Designs Summer Sandals 

Sseko Designs [Uganda]

Sseko Designs red sandals

[Image credit: Sseko Designs]

Sandals that help turn dreams into reality. Sseko Designs is a sandal making company based in Kampala, Uganda; enabling young women to earn money to then fund their dreams of achieving a university education. Sseko Designs was set up by Liz, an American, who visited Uganda after graduating college in 2008. Whilst in Uganda Liz met the young women of the Cornstone community who were receiving their education through the Cornstone Leadership Academy. From what I understand the Ugandan education system has a gap of nine-months between completing secondary school and entering university, this is intended to allow students to earn money for tuition. However this is not always possible especially when it comes to women.

Sseko Designs Sandals

[Image credit: Sseko Designs]

Creating lovely summer sandals, Sseko Designs hires secondary school graduates during the nine-month period, providing the jobs to help save the money needed and is an enterprise that is constantly evolving given how the workers will change every nine-months. Sseko Designs seeks to uphold the principles of responsible consumerism by not only enabling a steady income for a set period, but also to contribute to long term economic sustainability these women will provide once they graduate as: doctors, lawyers, nurses, accountants, teachers or even innovative designers in their own right. 

Sseko Designs Aqua sandals
Sseko Designs sandal ties

[Image credits: Sseko Designs]

Made from leather the sandals are supplied as a base with anchor points and a pair of solid cotton or leather straps allowing you to tie them however you want. You can also purchase individual straps separately to interchange according to your colour mood. Sseko Designs sandals are simple and easy to wear, perfect whether strolling around town or relaxing by the beach… and they have even become favourites of brides requesting them for themselves and their bridesmaids. 

Sseko Designs Wedding Sandals

[Image credit: Sseko Designs]

So why not buy the sandals, support the initiative and help make dreams come true.

Additional Details:
Prices on the website range from: USD$47-US$60 

For additional straps: USD$8-US$20
For further information visit:

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