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Exhibition: Making Africa, Vitra Design Museum

Making Africa

The Guy with Style, Mário Macilau, Alito - Vitra Design Museum

[Image credit: The Guy with Style, Mário Macilau – Vitra Design Museum]

This spring the Vitra Design Museum in Germany will be holding a major exhibition showcasing contemporary design emerging from Africa. Entitled Making Africa – A Continent of Contemporary Design, the work on display will encompass a range of diverse creative disciplines such as fine arts, graphic design, illustration, film, photography, architecture, and urban planning. 

Amongst those featured is the work of leading creatives, including furniture designer Cheick Diallo, eyewear sculptor Cyrus Kabiru, photographers Mário Macilau, and Okhai Ojeikere, and architect Francis Kéré, and animator Robin Rhode to name a few. The exhibition will run from the 14th March to the 13th September 2015.

Additional details:
For further information about the exhibition visit: www.design-museum.de

[Image credits: The images shown belong to: Vitra Design Museum. If downloaded and used elsewhere must be credited accordingly]

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