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Marking World AIDS Day Keep A Child Alive Organisation 

Today is World AIDS day, and last month whilst reading up on Keep A Child Alive’s annual fundraising event I came across the headline stating that June 5th 2011 marked 30 years since the first diagnosed case of Aids; I was shocked that it has actually been that long; I am old enough to remember the epidemic taking hold in the late Eighties/early Nineties and the subsequent discussions surrounding the disease; the hushed tones, unspoken words, the stigma, the unexplained deaths and the beginning of awareness campaigns. I was young, but was still acutely aware of the fear, misunderstandings. 30 years on…has […]

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Bib&Sola Hand Blown Glassware Tackling Water Scarcity

Coming from the Latin words meaning ‘Water’ and ‘Comfort’, Bib&Sola is an exquisite and highly unqiue range of hand blown glassware paying homage to women water bearers across the globe; and for me calls to mind the familiar graceful depictions of African women with clay pots or tightly woven baskets perfectly balanced on the head having walked miles to fetch water; a vital resource for day to day life, and is a task done with dignity. Bib&Sola was established by Kira Heuer, a Southern Californian native who grew up by the ocean and in her bio refers to the impact water in its various […]

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Le Ndomo Natural Handwoven and Dyed Textiles

Le Ndomo [Mali]     Creating beautiful richly patterned fabrics using natural dyes, Le Ndomo is a social enterprise that was set up with the aim of addressing the issues relating to youth unemployment in Mali.     [Image sources: Le Ndomo – Design Africa] Le Ndomo embodies the philosophy of teaching the young people a technical skill, training those taking part in the programme with the local knowledge of fabric creation, skills that go into creating the fabric ranges Le Ndomo produces. Le Ndomo endeavours to instil the values of traditional African society within the young people they work with, and […]

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