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Traditional African Hairstyles Inspire Magodi, a Series of Ceramic Sculptures

Traditional African hairstyles are the inspiration behind a series of ceramic sculptured vases by South African ceramic artist Zizipho Poswa. Entitled Magodi, the sculptures explore the central role of hair salons as meeting places for women. 

Celebrating and exploring womanhood is a theme at the heart of Zizipho’s work. Honouring the strength of the community of women that raised Zizipho each piece in the Magodi series is named after a female family member or close friend. 

Hand coiled, and hand pinched then glazed and painted with vivid colours the sculptures reference the braided and threaded hairstyles such as Bantu Knots, Plaits, Coils, and Locs. 

Magodi is part of a Southern Guild Gallery group exhibition. 

– Tapiwa

For further information about Zizipho Poswa visit: https://imisoceramics.co.za

[Image credits: The images shown are sourced from top: Artsy, Design Miami, ArchiPanic. If downloaded and used elsewhere please credit accordingly.]

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