Chic Contemporary Batik Cushion Collection by Tonga Textiles

I am loving this chic collection of contemporary batik cushions on Mbare, whom I have featured previously. Created by Tonga Textiles a Zimbabwean textile company the collection features stylized geometric shapes and patterns in a modern colour palette. Created from 100% cotton the designs are produced using a resist painted dye technique. Sadza* is used to hand paint the patterns on the fabric, which is left to dry. Once dry paint is applied and then the fabric is baked in an oven to fix the colours. Once dried the sadza is removed revealing the finished textiles. The mix and match cushions come in 3 designs, bark weave, circles and lines, and in 4 colourways, Madagascar Coral, Seychelles Teal, Touareg Indigo, and Ebony Black.

*Sadza is a porridge made from maize and is the staple food of Zimbabwe.

Tonga Textiles is a family-owned business that was started two decades ago by husband and wife Jeremiah and Patricia Makaza, and have since been joined by their daughter Linda. The couple took Jeremiah’s artistic talent, tailoring skills, and a love of textiles turning them into a business that supports men and women in their local community, employing up to 89 local artisans at maximum production. Creating designs that celebrate Zimbabwe’s vibrant creative culture Tonga Textiles are now sold all over the world.

– Tapiwa Matsinde

Additional details:

To see the collection visit: https://mbare.com/

For further information about Tonga Textiles visit: www.tongatextiles.com

[Image credits: The images shown belong to Mbare. If downloaded and used elsewhere please credit accordingly.]

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