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Nur Ceramics a Journey Into the Beauty, Culture, and Rituals of the Sahara

Nur ceramics Whiskey Cups

The beauty, culture, and rituals of the Sahara are the inspiration behind a ceramics collection crafted by Dina Nur Satti founder of Nur Ceramics. Of Sudanese/Somali heritage Dina grew up in France and Kenya and is now based in Brooklyn, New York her home for over 16 years. Working with clay enables Dina to explore personal growth and the stories that shape culture, traditions and rituals.

Dina’s interest in ceramics began during her studies for a degree in International & Intercultural Studies which focused on the cultures of Africa and the Middle East. African art and pre-colonial African societies captured her attention fuelling her fascination with ritual objects and using spatial design to create enhance experiences.

Travelling regularly throughout Africa Dina meets and learns from communities, using the time as an opportunity to understand ancient crafting traditions, and to research objects and their importance to a culture’s ceremonial traditions. This knowledge in turn informs her ceramic practice.

Dina’s Sahrawi Collection was the result of studying photographs of tribes along the Sahara desert, drawing from the images the sophistication of a people’s in the colours and textures of the traditional clothing, jewellery and adornment, and the architecture, textiles, and patterns. The colours of the desert are translated into the hand-mixed glazes and slips used to colour her soulful ceramics.

– Tapiwa

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For further information about Nur Ceramics visit: www.nurceramics.com

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