Majestic Architectural Planters that Let Nature Shine

Plants are an interior design and architectural go-to for bringing bring life into a room and creating an unobtrusive way to help guide people through a space particularly in large areas such as hotels. The best planters serve to enhance a space, by showcasing the plants held within while remaining unobtrusive. That’s not asking for much! This is exactly what Indigenus manages to achieve with its majestic collections of architectural planters manufactured for residential, hospitality and corporate environments.

Indegenus brand photography, Stellenbosch, South Africa. Art director: Cathy O’Clery. Photographer: Mark Williams.

Based in South Africa Indigenus’s planters are designed in collaboration with celebrated local designers to create designs that become functional, collectables art pieces. For its latest collections the company teamed up with renowned ceramics artist Andile Dyalvane to conceive a collection called Bhaca; and award-winning furniture and product designer Haldane Martin to create Tuber.

Client: Indegenus, Peter van der Post. Photographer: Mark Williams.

Cast from concrete the Bhaca collection bears the distinctive clay art style that has made Andile’s ceramics instantly recognisable. Paying homage to Andile’s Xhosa heritage the incisions on the Bhaca design references the traditional practice of scarification. Designed to last through generations Haldane’s Tuber collection is crafted from African Iroko, a strong highly durable hardwood. With its natural look, the Tuber planter acts as an extension of the plant taking its name and inspiration from the tuber, the life-sustaining part of a plant that is often hidden deep within the earth.

– Tapiwa

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For further information about Indigenus visit: www.indigenus.co.za

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