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DO Architecture Architecture Reconstructing Destroyed Cities

Architecture whether still standing or in ruins serves to tell us the story of a country, a city, a place. Architecture can be used to exhibit power in the form of glittering monuments, it can bring communities together in shared, public spaces, and it can provide us with a sanctuary to call home. With buildings all around us architecture creates the bonds of belonging in ways that we take for granted as we go about our day-to-day lives. But it is only when we lose something that we realise how important it was to us. And in times of conflict […]

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Nur Ceramics a Journey Into the Beauty, Culture, and Rituals of the Sahara

The beauty, culture, and rituals of the Sahara are the inspiration behind a ceramics collection crafted by Dina Nur Satti founder of Nur Ceramics. Of Sudanese/Somali heritage Dina grew up in France and Kenya and is now based in Brooklyn, New York her home for over 16 years. Working with clay enables Dina to explore personal growth and the stories that shape culture, traditions and rituals.

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Accessories: Take Cover with Maji Umbrellas

Maji Umbrellas [Somalia] [Image credit: Maji Umbrellas – left, Moonshade; right Blue Sahara] Living in the UK with its unpredictable weather, it goes without saying having an umbrella is a necessity and it is easy to through many in quick succession in the course of a year, hoping each new purchase will serve its purpose of keeping you dry and be not blown away when confronted with a bit of wind. Inevitably there are many styles to choose from, and the latest entry in the market is Maji Umbrellas whose ethos is to create sturdy, stylish umbrellas that do more than just keep you […]

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Textiles: A Model Collection

Iman Home [Somalia]     [Image credits: Iman Home – CalicoCorners] Revered as an international style and beauty icon, Iman brings her brand of luxury and glamour to interiors. Beautify your living space with Iman Home a range of fabrics reflecting Iman’s global life. Featuring the rich patterns, textures and colours of peacock feathers, zebra hides and Ikat textiles, vibrant motifs are embroidered onto opulent silks.     [Image credits: Iman Home, top; CalicoCorners, bottom] The fabrics conjure faraway places, bursting with diverse cultural richness that give traditional accents a modern touch. Iman Home is defined as the essence of chic. Some gorgeous patterns […]

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Jewellery: Siki de Somalie’s Regal Jewels

Siki de Somalie [Ethiopia/Somalia] If bold, chunky statement jewellery is your preference look no further than the fabulous creations of Parisian-based jeweller and accessories designer Siki de Somalie who is described by CoutureLab as ‘A woman as regal and fantastic as the pieces she creates’. A Parisienne socialite who is the daughter of an Ethiopian princess, a direct descendant of the Menelik dynasty of Abyssinia and a Somalian diplomat, Siki de Somalie’s upbringing is reflected in her creations, whereby luxurious baroque style and cultural accents are seen combined with textured metal detailing and colourful gems, giving an air regal elegance and bound to get a conversation […]

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