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Simply Stylish Baskets Handwoven in Ghana

Twenty One Tonnes Large Tray Basket Woven in Northern Ghana

While catching up on the latest international tradeshows I came across some simple elegant baskets by Twenty One Tonnes an online retailer that seeks to celebrate the beauty of global craft by working with artisans around the world to create beautifully-crafted home decor collections and. The baskets are beautiful and sophisticated in their simplicity, using size, the colour of the material, and the woven patterns to give them character.

Twenty One Tonnes was founded by Chessa Osburn and Mary Jane Bolton lifelong friends, who grew up in Vancouver, Canada, and met in high school. After pursuing different careers in Vancouver and Los Angeles the two reconnected and discovered a shared love of global crafts rooted in tradition.

Twenty One Tonnes Baskets Woven in Northern Ghana

The company began when Chessa who worked in International Development, including a stint in East Africa, visited Morocco. There she came across the beautiful local handicrafts and was inspired to introduce them to Canada. Mary Jane soon joined and the business evolved.

Twenty One Tonnes Baskets Woven in Northern Ghana
Twenty One Tonnes Large Tray Basket Woven in Northern Ghana

Chessa and Mary Jane both have a mutual love of basketry and as part of their interest in supporting artisan communities began working with a group of female artists in northern Ghana to create basketry products for their brand. Woven by hand using Elephant grass each basket has its own unique character making it a one-of-a-kind piece.

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For further information about Twenty One Tonnes visit: /www.twentyonetonnes.com

[Image credits: The images shown belong to Twenty One Tonnes. If downloaded and used elsewhere please credit accordingly.]

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