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Lifestyle: Threads of Change Mud and Wax Cloth Mobile and Tablet Sleeves

Threads of Change [Africa Inspired]
Mudcloth iPad Sleeve - Threads of Change

Once upon a time you could just put your mobile into your pocket or bag and just go (…well I still do!); but now ever-rapidly evolving interactive, on-the-go paraphernalia such as handheld computer games, iPhones, Blackberrys, iPads and more are so ingrained in our day-to-day lives we now seek to dress them up as expressions of ourselves whilst keeping them safe – think of the teenage girl with her rhinestone covered mobile phone or the interchangeable ‘skins’ that come in a plethora of colour and pattern. So how about some colourful, distinctive Mud and wax cloth sleeves from Threads of Change. A graphic designer, and a clothing and accessories designer were inspired to design and create functional fashion and lifestyle products with a purpose. Based in Los Angeles, USA; these creatively-driven women named their business Threads of Change to signify their desire to make a difference through their work.
Africa is a continent rich in bold graphic designs that are so often interpretations of cultural symbolisms and the Threads of Change designers were drawn in particular to Ghana and surrounding region; falling in love with Mudcloth fabric and the bold colourful graphic prints found there. The designers sought to combine the pattern rich African textiles with recycled American materials like seatbelts and vintage belt buckles to create an exciting range of fashion forward clothing and accessories.
iPad Sleeves - Threads of Change

Partnering with a non-governmental organisation called ‘Project OKURASE’ Threads of Change works with a village in Ghana called Okurase and are helping to build a vocational school and sewing centre to enable women in the village to learn a skill and help support their families. For every product purchased a portion goes directly to the village and the raw materials used are brought to the US from Ghana.
Kindle Reader Sleeves - Threads of Change

…favouring Apple products, the sleeves are available for iPad, iPhone, MacBook and Kindle Readers; but would easily suit most other brand devices.

Additional details:
Prices on the website range from: USD$66-USD$85
Prices on the Etsy shop range from: USD$35-USD$100
For further information about Threads of Change and to purchase visit: www.threadsofchange.org

To purchase from the Etsy store visit: www.etsy.com/shop/threadsofchange

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  1. Thank you for featuring our work in such a beautiful way. This journey to make product for change continues to give back.