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Urban Africa [South Africa]

Africa Smiles - Straight Wire Beaded Teaspoons

The humble stainless steel teaspoon is given a twist with the addition of colourful glass seed beads tightly wrapped around the handle with non-toxic silver wire. The teaspoons are part of a range of beaded cutlery from UK -based retailer, Urban Africa, and come as a set of four, available in five colour combinations. Other items to choose from include stainless steel cake forks; silver-plated cake slice lifters and napkin rings; and tiny glass salt and pepper shakers; all of which are complemented with a range of styles that include full beading, double-strand or straight-line wire wrapping. Hand washing is recommended to prolong the longevity of the designs.  

Africa Smiles - Beaded Cake Forks

[Image credits: Beaded Teaspoons and Cake Forks – Urban Africa] Urban Africa was founded in 2007 by two South African expats, Sharon and Ryan, living in the UK, who, wanting to surround themselves with the things that reminded them of ‘home’ but having to face the realities of baggage allowance that meant each time they went home for the holidays only to return with excess baggage in the form of gifts or the unique crafts they would have come across. It was this frustration and the desire to share their heritage and finds with friends and other expats living in the UK that led the duo to set-up Urban Africa. Many of the products retailed in the Urban Africa website are sourced from small producers in South African be they individuals or cooperatives working with artists and crafters to help foster sustainable trade. The company also donates part of its profits to identified communities and charities in South Africa.

Africa Smiles - Beaded Servers

[Image credits: Beaded Servers – Urban Africa]

The cutlery shown here was made by Africa Smiles, a business that works to help preserve traditional Zulu beading by seeking ways to keep it dynamic and contemporary. 

Make for beautiful, thoughtful gifts if you can be tempted to part with them.

Additional details:
Cutlery available on Urban Africa priced from: £8.68 -£20.42
For further information about Urban Africa and to purchase visit: www.urban-africa.co.uk

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