Sayra Invites You To Savour The Art And History Of Moroccan Tea Drinking Rituals

Sayra Moroccan Tea Infusion Antée Atelier Fifty Five Feature

I have mentioned my love of tea several times on the blog. For me, it is about more than justing drinking it, but rather a chance to take a break unwind, relax and reflect. So naturally, am drawn to brands that create an exceptional tea drinking experience. And recently discovered Sayra, a high-end tea house that celebrates the art and history of Moroccan tea drinking rituals.

Sayra Gift Experience Box Atelier Fifty Five Feature


Centred around the mint tea, a symbol of hospitality and conviviality in Morocco that has traditionally brought men together, Sayra’s unique tea blends draw on the natural riches of the Amazigh land from which the ingredients are sourced. Ancient knowhow brings forth aromatic flavours that tell stories of Moroccan living. An experience that is complemented by a range of candles exuding delicate fragrances.


Sayra Candle Figue enchantée Atelier Fifty Five Feature

Sayra Moroccan Tea Infusion Gift Tasting Box Atelier Fifty Five Feature


Bringing the past into the present extends beyond tea, the brand is a keen supporter of local Moroccan, and African art, seeking collaborations with talented artists to create their packaging. Packaging for the first collection, created by a young Moroccan illustrator features mythological characters that founded the Amazigh history.


Sayra Moroccan Tea Infusions Atelier Fifty Five Feature


– Tapiwa Matsinde


Additional details:

For further information about Sayra visit: www.sayrafusion.com


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