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On a mission to take Nigerian cuisine into the mainstream Orishirishi Cookbook is a journey into the diverse flavours of Nigerian cuisine. The visually rich publication is by serial entrepreneur and interior designer Tola Akerele. Tola is the founder of IDesign an interior design studio and workshop, the boutique art inspired hotel Bogibori House in Lagos and its restaurant Orishirishi Kitchen. Orishirishi Kitchen is the inspiration behind the book. 

Orishirishi means ‘variety’ in Nigeria’s Yoruba language and is the name Tola chose to reflect Nigeria’s diverse foods snd cultures. Drawing recipes from the country’s different regions the Orishirishi Cookbook traces the histories of various dishes among them groundnut soup with bitter leaf from the north; gbegiri and ewedu from the south-west; and ofe-nsala from the south east. The cookbook also has information on where to source ingredients.

For Tola the Orishirishi Cookbook is a celebration of the stories of her culture and a means to put Nigeria on the culinary map.

– Tapiwa

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