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Food & Drink: Speciality Teas Inspired by Africa

Caranda Tea [Liberia]   A longing for the familiar tastes of home led Liberian entrepreneur, Doughba Caranda-Martin to set up Caranda Fine Foods, a business that specialises in creating a range of premium beverages and condiments inspired by the diverse regions of the African continent. Residing in the USA, Doughba recalls childhood memories of evening walks collecting the leaves and herbs that were then boiled with Lemongrass. Doughba started out blending teas and the product range has since expanded to include coffees, cocoas, and condiments like flavoured salts and meat rubs. 

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Jewellery: Lovetta Conto Turning Bullets into Beautiful, Poignant Jewelry

Akawelle [Liberia] [Image credit: Akawelle necklace] Lovetta Conto is a gifted young woman on a mission; smart, determined to succeed and affect positive change. A few years ago at just seventeen years of age Lovetta set about turning bullets into beautiful poignant pieces of jewellery with a story; traded under the name ‘Akawelle’ which translates as ‘also known as love’. Born in Liberia, Lovetta was raised in a refugee camp after her family, like hundreds of others was forced to flee the civil war to Ghana. Lovetta’s story gives insight into life in the refugee camps; she speaks of the […]

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Accessories: Oliberté Footwear Profiled on CNN

Oliberté [Ethiopia / Kenya / Liberia] [Image credit: Oliberté] ‘…we never have and still don’t see an Africa that’s categorised by negative generalisations’ one company’s response to an oft-asked question as to why anyone would ever consider trying to establish and run a successful business in Africa. Well footwear brand Oliberté, the company in question is attempting to do just that and are in good company if some of the inspirational and pioneering African businesses I have shared are anything to go by. Canadian social entrepreneur, Tal Dehtiar established Oliberté two years ago amidst the challenges of finding financial backers willing to […]

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Travel: Riding the Waves at Nana’s Lodge

Nana’s Lodge [Liberia]     [Image credit: CNN – Inside Africa] Calling all surfers… I have always heard about surfers in search of the perfect wave that draws enthusiasts from all over the world to places like Hawaii, California, Indonesia and Australia. Enter Robertsport, Liberia a place whose uninterrupted surf is literally sending waves throughout the surfing community and attracting tourists to the relatively unspoilt coastline. However, it appears the word is spreading too quickly for some bringing with it concerns. I came across the increasing popularity of Liberia’s surfing tourism via CNN’s Inside Africa’s recent feature on this surfer’s paradise who […]

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African Design Inspired Liberia Tea Collection By SoHe Designs

Growing up my mum had a brown and white china tea and dinner set, depicting traditional English scenes rendered in the French toile style. It was a set that had pride of place in the display cabinet and came with the implicit understanding we were not allowed to touch. My siblings and I would peer at it through the glass, fascinated at the detail and delicateness of it, making up stories about the images portrayed. The thing that strikes me most about that set was how it was reserved for special occasions only, and even then it hardly ever came […]

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Fashion: Fluid Sensual Silhouettes from Liberian American Designer Korto Momolu

Korto Momolu [Liberia] [Image credits/source: fashionologie] Debut collectionWinning a legion of fans during her stint on Season 5 of Bravo TV’s Project Runway, African fashion designer Korto Momolu certainly is not one to shy away from jewel-toned brights, prints and feminine silhouettes, along with her cultural accents all contributing to a look of effortless elegance. What I especially love about Korto Momolu’s designs are the fluid, sensual dreamy structures of her maxi dresses and her use of vibrant colour palettes inspired by her Liberian heritage.

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