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Basketry: Madwa Woven Traditions

Madwa [Madagascar / South Africa / Eswatini / Swaziland] [Image credits: Madwa] Inspired by craft and tradition, Madwa is an ethical craft project that works with small groups of master weavers in Madagascar and Swaziland to produce contemporary ranges of woven textiles, homeware, and accessories. Based in South Africa, Madwa harnesses the unique weaving skills of the different cultural groups and regions it works with, and is about the preservation of a unique craft heritage, assisting the weavers with product development and gaining access to international markets. 

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Fashion: Golden Madagascan Spider Silk Cape at the V&A

Madagascan Silk [Madagascar]    I wouldn’t call this a daydream, just something I found quite fascinating if not a little weird… If the thought of hundreds of spiders crawling about creeps you out, what more wearing a garment spun from their silk. I came across several web articles trending the very thing a few days back but paid them no mind beyond a quick note of the headlines until by coincidence a search for ‘Madagascan Silk’ brought them up again causing me to read on in-depth. The week of Monday 23rd January saw a cape handwoven from the silk of more than a […]

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Food & Drink: Prestat, the Quintessential British Chocolatier

Prestat/Esoko [São Tomé / Madagascar / Ghana] [Image credits: left, Sao Tome; right, Madagascar Single Origin Chocolate Buttons – Prestat] You’d have thought I’d have had my fill of chocolate over Christmas, and given I’m still making my way through the leftovers I now have my eye on some chocolate buttons, a particular favourite, I do like the way they melt in your mouth one drop at a time…makes them a very moreish treat. The targets currently in mind are some Single Origin Chocolate Buttons from Prestat, the quintessential London-based chocolatier whose confections I came across when I took a detour through […]

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Food & Drink: Madécasse, Luxury Single-Source Chocolate Made in Africa

Madécasse [Madagascar] [Image credit: Madécasse] Pink pepper and citrus, exotic pepper, and sea salt and nibs are just some of the rather interesting flavour combinations you will find in a Madécasse chocolate bar. Recently named ‘one of the world’s 50 most innovative companies’ by Fast Company magazine, Madécasse is on a mission to revolutionise Africa’s chocolate industry by becoming one of the few fine chocolate companies to produce a bar that is not only grown in Africa, but is also produced in Africa. The stats on the website highlight the fact that although Africa produces 70% of the world’s cocoa, actual chocolate production amounts […]

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Fashion: Eric Raisina Experimenting with Texture

Eric Raisina [Madagascar]     [Image credits: Eric Raisina] Experimenting and playing with textures form the basis of Madagascan designer, Eric Raisina’s innovative and luxurious designs.  Eric Raisina uses his love of textures to inspire and shape his clothes, using natural materials such as silk, raffia, sisal, linen and cotton which have become trademarks in his designs and serve to add depth and sensual movement to the clothes. This passion for texture has led to a continual exploration of different cultures and the diverse techniques found across Africa and Asia in particular; and ever the researcher Eric Raisina continues to work on […]

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Accessories: Bags and Clutches in a Rainbow of Colours

Mar Y Sol [Madagascar] [Image credits: Mar y Sol] Formerly Mad Imports, Mar Y Sol’s stylish bags and clutches bring a smile to my face ticking all the right boxes from mouth-watering colour combinations such as apple, mango, berry and punch to cute unashamedly girly styles that invoke images of summer; making them perfect for leisurely days strolling around town, lunch with the girls… actually any occasion that demands a burst of colour to brighten things up. I was hard-pressed to choose which ones to display, so cast your eyes on these and visit Mar Y Sol’s website for the full collection. A socially […]

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