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Food & Drink: Speciality Teas Inspired by Africa

Caranda Tea [Liberia]  


A longing for the familiar tastes of home led Liberian entrepreneur, Doughba Caranda-Martin to set up Caranda Fine Foods, a business that specialises in creating a range of premium beverages and condiments inspired by the diverse regions of the African continent. Residing in the USA, Doughba recalls childhood memories of evening walks collecting the leaves and herbs that were then boiled with Lemongrass. Doughba started out blending teas and the product range has since expanded to include coffees, cocoas, and condiments like flavoured salts and meat rubs. 

Caranda Fine Foods - Gift set

  [Image credits: top, West African Iced Tea, Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee, Green Tea
bottom, Organic Black Tea Giftset – Caranda Fine Foods]

Tea is Caranda’s speciality, with around forty varieties and constantly creating new blends, the range of organic teas and herbal tea blends are available in their pure form or flavoured with mouthwatering tastes and scents that include mango chunks, pomegranate, hibiscus, Madagascan vanilla bean, blackberry leaves, cloves, lemon verbena, cinnamon, and Algerian mint; and are perfect for chilling the fridge for a refreshing ice-cold, ice tea. The Caranda tea range particularly draws inspiration from the history of the San people of Botswana and Namibia, and Doughba is also inspired by the role tea plays across the different cultures of the world whether as a refreshing drink to being a central part of cultural ceremonies. The packaging is emotive, heralding the grace and dignity of a diverse African people through delicately detailed pencil drawings and captivating imagery enhanced with an array of complementary colours across tins, packets, and gift boxes. Caranda’s unique blends can be found in over 200 speciality stores across the US, as well as in leading teahouses, hotels, and restaurants, including that of top chef Marcus Samuelsson, whom I have featured previously on African Daydreams.

…savouring and celebrating the best in premium African flavours

Additional details:
Products ranges on website currently priced at: USD$7 -USD$30

For further information about Caranda Fine Foods and to purchase visit: www.carandafoods.com

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