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Decor: Myriam Mourabit Contemporary Moroccan Ceramics

Myriam Mourabit [Morocco]

Tagine Ceramics - Myriam Mourabit

[Image credit: Tagine Ceramics – Myriam Mourabit]

Award-winning Moroccan ceramicist Myriam Mourabit creates exquisite ceramic products inspired by Morocco’s rich ceramic heritage. The designer who is based in Rabat, Morocco trained in Paris at the Duperré School of Applied Arts and the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. She founded her company in 1998 and from her studio skillfully produces collections that include: bowls, vases, tableware, furniture, and interior fittings.

Myriam Mourabit Ceramics
Myriam Mourabit Ceramics

[Image credits: Ceramics – Myriam Mourabit]

  The artisan-designer relationship is important, one of mutual respect and of knowledge of the other – Brownbook

Myriam Mourabit Ceramics

[Image credit: Ceramics – Myriam Mourabit]

Morocco is known for its pottery production, and Myriam’s work breathes new life into this ancient heritage. Her practice intersects that of the designer with the artisan, combining traditional techniques with innovative processes such as the gold and silver leaf gilding she applies to the often simple ceramic forms. Myriam works with skilled master potters to achieve her designs, in addition to employing a small group of women to assist with the painstaking process of applying the delicate ornamental patterns that characterise her work. Paying homage to her heritage the rich patterns used reference traditional Berber symbols, and are picked out in the shimmering metallics evoking the ancient art of filigree and the art of henna painting, giving her products a heightened sense of luxury. Popular and widely recognised in Morocco Myriam’s stunning designs are attracting increasing international interest.

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For further information about Myriam Mourabit visit: www.myriam-mourabit.com

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