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Clinton Friedman Umbrellas [South Africa]  

Clinton Friedman - Umbrellas

April showers having seen off a quick succession of umbrellas, has meant the hunt for yet another replacement that can hopefully withstand the wind and on and of downpours. Every time it rains here in the UK I can not help but notice how dark and dull the majority of umbrellas that get put up are…no doubt chosen for practicality they don’t do much to cheer one up! I have always made it a habit to choose one as blindingly bright as I possibly can. Having previously featured the bold nature-inspired prints of South African photographer and designer Clinton Friedman, showcased across cushions and notebooks, I have now come across a range of umbrellas displaying his iconic imagery. Helping to keep the rain at bay under a cover of deliciously bright and bold graphics, the umbrellas feature an automatic pop-up mechanism and are finished off with a wooden handle.

Clinton Friedman Umbrellas

[Image credits: Clinton Friedman Umbrellas]

Not just for rainy days, the umbrellas make for perfect summer accessories lending themselves as parasols to shelter from the sun as you stroll or enjoy a picnic in the park.

…colourfully striking, make you stand out in a crowd

Additional details:
Umbrellas priced at: ZAR799/£49
For further information about Clinton Friedman visit: www.clintonfriedmancollections.com
To purchase umbrellas visit:


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