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Design: Ebotan Interiors Dinnerware

Ebotan Interiors [Cameroon]

Okavango Dinnerware - Ebotan

[Image credit: Okavango Dinnerware Collection – Ebotan]

Dress the table with exquisite dinnerware from Ebotan Interiors; that aspires to communicate and preserve African oral traditions through symbolism, colour, and texture. Designed by Josiane Raphael based in Maryland, USA, Ebotan tableware cherishes the dining experience of bringing families and friends together to share a meal and tell stories around a beautifully laid table whether elaborate or simple in its decoration. In a combination of African and European artistry the beautiful, timeless collections are produced in Limoges porcelain.

With a background in architecture and product design, Josiane established her business Ebotan Interiors, specialising in high-end interior design, and citing her faith as a strong motivator chose the name ‘Ebotan’, which means ‘blessings’ in the Beti language of Cameroon. Designing tableware was a way of expressing her African heritage; Josiane grew up in Cameroon and as the eldest of six children recalls how when it came to setting the table for dinner each child was assigned a specific task; Josiane was always entrusted with the delicate items in the family home, putting out the fine linens and china that came from Europe. This daily ritual instilled in Josiane the desire to create meaningful objects that can be passed down through the generations complimenting the oral traditions, this echoes the western tradition of passing down culture through the inheritance of objects like rare dishes and jewellery.

Akan Dinnerware - Ebotan
Minga Cutlery and Kita Dinnerware - Ebotan

[Image credits: top, Akan Dinnerware Collection
bottom, Minga Cutlery and Kita Dinnerware Collection – Ebotan]

Five stunning dinnerware collections named Ebotan, Sanaga, Okavango, Akan and Kita; depict legends, culture and places from across the continent; from mighty animals roaming the African plains to using precious metals of gold, silver and platinum that represent Africa’s mighty ancient kingdoms. The Sanaga dinner service named after Cameroon’s largest river tells the tale of the legendary ‘golden crocodiles’, portraying messages like unity, friendship, fraternity, and strength through the illustrations. The Akan collection takes the user on a journey through the ancient Akan kingdom’s gold mining history along what was known as the Gold Coast; round gold pieces placed along the edge are known as ‘weights’, once a form of currency in use over many centuries and later used to make jewellery for kings and queens. The Kita collection pays homage to the culture of weaving richly hued luxury fabrics, often worn by members of royalty and dignitaries. The Okavango collection refers to the region for which it was named, the Okavango Delta in Botswana and depicts lush vegetation in vibrant green hues combined with the warm earth tones of the Kalahari. Images of the Cheetah, an elegant and endangered species are surrounded or hidden amongst the greenery. To complement the dinnerware range’s Josiane also created a range of cutlery called Minga that celebrates women and children through elegantly rounded forms and sculpted images on the handles. 

Sanaga Dinnerware - Ebotan

[Image credit: Sanaga Dinnerware Collection – Ebotan]

…elegant tableware to be cherished, telling our stories through the generations

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