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Evoke London Curates and Nurtures the Rich Heritage of Global Craft

There is something deeply reverent about the Evoke London website. Its design speaks of a platform committed to upholding and nurturing the rich heritage of global craft. Sourcing one of kind rare cultural pieces Evoke London’s collections are thoughtfully curated and as its name suggests is a space that recalls and brings forth the precious craft traditions of cultures past and present.

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Africa’s Basket Weavers Telling Stories Through Basketry

Basketry is a skill that has been practiced up and down the continent for centuries with examples from the past coveted by collectors around the world. Today Africa’s basket weavers are redefining the art form employing ingenious methods to create modern functional home decor products. But whilst these baskets may appear to be merely functional or decorative products, taking the time to look beyond the aesthetics reveals the layers of stories woven into the strands; as basketry -a skill traditionally practiced by women- carries within it the stories of livelihoods, of hopes, dreams, achievements, and sacrifices. Highlighting just how powerfully […]

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Architect Mariam Kamara Giving Niger Identity And Pride Through Architecture

Once a dream and a strong sense of purpose takes hold of you it rarely let’s go as architect Mariam Kamara knows all too well. Becoming an architect improving the spaces in which the people of Niger (her home country) lived was dream Mariam had as a child. Facing opposition from well-meaning family, as an adult, Mariam ended up studying software engineering and spent seven years working for big companies and start-ups. Yet the dream to make a difference remained. Finally embracing it she returned to university to study architecture. Having already been down the route of working for others […]

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Design: Mbare Points Du Jour Basket Reader Offer

cc Mbare [Africa Inspired] [Image credits: Tavie Co-operative, Points Du Jour Basket – Mbare] A few months ago I featured a beautifully woven palm dish handcrafted by the Tavie Co-operative in Niger, click here to read. Currently retailing on Mbare, the full range of dishes incorporate unique details such as silver Touareg discs placed in the centre; as seen in the Coucher De Soleil and Rayon De Soleil styles; whilst other designs feature indigo thread in intense hues, creating a striking contrast against the natural colour of the leaves. One of the dishes that incorporates the indigo thread is the stylish Points Du Jour, […]

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Design: Tavie Co-operative Tuareg Baskets

Tavie Co-operative [Niger]   The beauty of this woven dish radiates from its core, which features a beautifully engraved silver disc at the centre, which is said to symbolise the sun and is characteristic of Tuareg pattens. Framed with an indigo halo, the addition of the disc adds a contemporary edge, elevating the humble woven basket to a stunning decorative object, that would work well hung on the wall or placed on a plate stand.

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