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Swahili African Modern [Mozambique]

Swahili Imports - Oryx Horn Mpingo Jars

Reflecting the grace and beauty of the animals that inspired them, these hand-carved wooden jars are absolutely stunning! Protruding upwards from the round belly storage area, the long slender handle of the lid is unmistakable as that of the horns of the Eland, Gemsbok, Sable, and other large antelope of the Genus Oryx species, hence the name given ‘Oryx Horn Mpingo Jars’. The beauty of the jars lies in their simplicity; each handcrafted by artisans in Mozambique who work with sustainably sourced Mpingo wood, a dark hardwood also known as; African Blackwood, Mozambican Ebony and Zebrawood depending on the region. Mpingo grows along Mozambique’s coastal forests and in an area known as the Miombo Woodlands, which is where many of the artisans reside. Mpingo is said to be the preference of woodwind players who use the wood for their instruments due to the tonal quality achieved. Artisans from Mozambique’s Nampula Province carve the ‘Lidded Wooden Spice Jars’ using the Mpingo wood and contrasting it with Pau Ferro, a lighter grained hardwood that bears similarities to Rosewood.

Swahili Imports - Lidded Wooden Spice Jars

[Image credits: top, Oryx Horn Mpingo Jars
bottom, Lidded Wooden Spice Jars – Swahili African Modern]

The designs were commissioned by Swahili African Modern, a fair trade focussed company based in Oregon, USA that partners with select artisans across the African continent to produce beautifully crafted contemporary designed home décor, fashion, and lifestyle accessories. The company was founded in 1994 by Leslie Mittelberg an American, who whilst living in Nairobi Kenya was inspired by the creativity she came across on a daily basis from the city’s vibrant markets and skilled craftsmen and women. Upon her return to the USA Leslie sought a way to bring some of the crafts to a wider audience and through Swahili African Modern provides a wholesale service that sees the commissioned products stocked in over 1000 retail stores, museums, educational institutions and catalogues around the globe. Swahili African Modern also retails a select range direct to the public through an online store and a retail store in Oregon. 

…sleek and very elegant

Additional details:
Prices for the products shown range from: USD$16-USD$58
For further information about Swahili African Modern and to order visit: www.swahili-imports.com

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