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Wax Print Inspired Dinnerware [Africa Inspired]

African Wax Print Inspired Dinner Plates

Bring some colour to your place settings with these Wax fabric-inspired dinnerware offerings. Firstly from American-based French Bull, whose kitchen and lifestyle products are wonderfully bright and funky. With products sold globally, the Isis range of dinnerware and platters caught my eye whilst browsing their website. Described as being inspired by Africa, the Isis range has an air of vibrant wax print fabric design about it. Made from melamine making the products durable and resistant to high heat, these plates are perfect for adults and children alike making them ideal for picnics.

[Image credits: French Bull]

The next offerings come from French-based company, Sentou which also has a range of wax print-inspired dishes and plates made using melamine and are available in sets of three or four. There are six designs to choose from including flowers, circles or star patterns. 

Sentou African Print Inspired Dinner Plates
African Wax Print Inspired Plates

[Image credits: Sentou]

Get some contrasting plates in a single block colour and alternative sizes,  then mix and match to your heart’s content to create a new look each time.

Additional Details:
Prices for French Bull’s Isis products range from: USD$25-USD$150 For further information on French Bull visit: www.frenchbull.com

Prices for Sentou’s wax print inspired products range from: 20, 00 €-29, 00 €For further information on Sentou visit: www.sentou.fr

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