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Evoke London Curates and Nurtures the Rich Heritage of Global Craft

Hand Glass Beaded Decorative Shields from Cameroon by Evoke London

There is something deeply reverent about the Evoke London website. Its design speaks of a platform committed to upholding and nurturing the rich heritage of global craft. Sourcing one of kind rare cultural pieces Evoke London’s collections are thoughtfully curated and as its name suggests is a space that recalls and brings forth the precious craft traditions of cultures past and present.

Drawing you into the soul and stories that go into the creation of each the objects invite you to reflect on their purpose and meaning. Intricate Yoruba beaded chairs and headdresses from Nigeria, hand-carved Tuareg bowls from Mali/Niger, sculpted stools and Dinka and Bongo headrests from Sudan, beautifully embroidered textiles, leather gourd baskets from Ethiopia, and woven baskets from Zimbabwe are some of the objects on offer.

Working with craftspeople Evoke London also designs and creates an in-house collection crafted from natural materials and inspired by the environments and creative traditions of communities from where they are crafted.

– Tapiwa

Additional details:
For further information about Evoke London visit: https://evokelondon.co

[Image credits: The images shown belong to Evoke London. If downloaded and used elsewhere please credit accordingly.]

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