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AMWA Designs Patterned Textiles Bring A Touch of African Wisdom to a Corporate Restaurant

On Friday 8th March I got to unveil the new look atelier 55 to a group of exceptional African women entrepreneurs. Organised by Lionesses of Africa the Lioness Lean In London event was held in partnership with and at the offices of top-tier law firm Hogan Lovells. Being a breakfast event it was an early start, but it was great to catch up with familiar faces, make new connections, and to hear the stories of some truly inspirational creative women. Most of all it was a celebratory event of laughter, some emotional tears, exchanging thoughts, and lots of head-nodding. Among the speakers were the jewellery designers Anita Quansah, and Tayo Bello, textile designer Chrissa Amuah, and Daphne Kasambala of Sapelle.

As it turned out textiles by Chrissa the founder of AMWA Designs had been used in the Hogan Lovells in-house restaurant redesign so she gave some of us a tour of the space explaining the meanings behind, and reasons for the textiles used. Named Kulan Kitchen the restaurant serves the firm’s employees and guests and was designed by architectural practice tp Bennett. From wallpaper to upholstery Chrissa’s hand-printed patterned textiles have brought the colours and brightness of Africa to the space without overpowering it. 

Chrissa’s bold patterned textiles are largely inspired by Adrinka symbols and their wise meanings, so in keeping with the spacious light airy feel and the corporate nature of the environment the carefully selected designs included:

  • Kete Pa meaning Good Bed, Good Marriage in Mustard Yellow and Gold
  • Hwe Me Dua meaning Measurement, Quality Control in Rust and Gunmetal Grey
  • Fun Tun meaning Utility in Gunmetal Grey and Grey Linen

Showing how design rooted in Africa lends itself beautifully to international applications It was a creative way to end the event.

Additional details:

For further information about AMWA Designs visit: www.amwadesigns.com

[Image credits: The images shown are sourced from AMWA Designs. If downloaded and used elsewhere please credit accordingly.]

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