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Fashion: Eric Raisina Experimenting with Texture

Eric Raisina [Madagascar]
Eric Raisina Collection


[Image credits: Eric Raisina]
Experimenting and playing with textures form the basis of Madagascan designer, Eric Raisina’s innovative and luxurious designs. 
Eric Raisina uses his love of textures to inspire and shape his clothes, using natural materials such as silk, raffia, sisal, linen and cotton which have become trademarks in his designs and serve to add depth and sensual movement to the clothes. This passion for texture has led to a continual exploration of different cultures and the diverse techniques found across Africa and Asia in particular; and ever the researcher Eric Raisina continues to work on producing new colours, textures and unique weave patterns – two of which are his Natural Raffia lace and the patented Silk Fur.
Eric Raisina Dresses


[Image credits: Eric Raisina]
With his work shown in Africa, Asia, Europe and the USA, Eric Raisina has undertaken high-profile commissions to create unique textures for some of the world’s leading couture houses; Yves Saint-Laurent and Christian Lacroix, unsurprising given how luxuriant, lush and touchable these textures are. 
Eric Raisina Evening wear


[Image credits: Eric Raisina]
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For further information visit: www.ericraisina.com

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