AMWA Designs Translating Ancient Adinkra Symbols Into Modern Textiles

AMWA Designs Aya Mustard Yellow Grey cushion

Ancient Adinkra symbols and the wisdom of Ghanaian proverbs serve as the decorative backdrop to a collection of handmade and handprinted interior textiles and decor accessories by AMWA Designs, a UK-based studio that was founded in 2014 by textile designer Chrissa Amuah, a graduate of Chelsea College of Art & Design, University of the Arts London.

AMWA Designs Bespoke Boutique Kaleidescope Table Lamp

UK-born of Ghanaian heritage, Chrissa’s designs pay homage to the beauty and authenticity of exceptional craftsmanship, drawing on a belief that ‘homes and private spaces should be enveloped with beautiful furnishings that evoke powerful and positive thoughts within us.’

AMWA Designs Hand Printed Textiles Kete Pa Good Bed Navy Cushion

AMWA Designs Handprinted Textiles

And by drawing on the cultural symbols of her heritage Chrissa is connecting a new generation to the wisdom of the past with products that speak to the cultural curiosity of a modern world.

You can learn more about Adrinka symbols and their meanings here.

– Tapiwa Matsinde

Additional details:

To find out more about AMWA Designs visit: http://www.amwadesigns.com/

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