Akrafo Luxury Organic and Natural Condiments Made In Africa

Akrafo Luxury African Organic Condiments

fooThe SWAADY Group, creators of the luxury tea brand YSWARA, have created Akrafo a range of luxury premium organic artisanal teas, and gourmet sweet and savoury condiments ethically made in Africa. The name Akrafo refers to the soul-washers of the ancient Ashanti kingdom, who were responsible for the well-being of the community. And it is this spirit of looking out for others that is instilled into the Akrafo ethos, which upholds the SWAADY Group’s Luxe Ubuntu philosophy, of creating luxury brands with a social responsibility.

Akrafo Luxury African Organic Condiments

The SWAADY Group is invested in transforming Africa’s agricultural resources by using local ingredients and working with those who produce them. As such the best natural, nutritious ingredients known for their healing and wellness properties are sourced from local farmers, carefully harvested from Africa’s soils and go into creating a range of foods among them jams, honeys, oils, and spices.

Akrafo Luxury African Organic Condiments

Foods to heal body and soul.

– Tapiwa Matsinde

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For further information about Akrafo visit: http://akrafo.com

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