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Lani Adeoye is the founder of Studio Lani, an award-winning multi-disciplinary product design and interior architecture practice that creates furniture inspired by a modern Africa. Furniture design is inspired by Lani’s West African heritage is a strong feature of her furniture design aesthetic, which blurs the boundaries between design and art. Another characteristic is curved metal handcrafted in Nigeria. 

Minimalism and music characterise Lani’s collections of lighting, tables, candle holders. The African drum provides a source of inspiration for the Talking Tables and Dundun designs, translating the rhythmic sounds that a drum produces into the sculptural forms of hand-welded steel rods. Whilst the Lilo Chair takes is shape from the fluid abstract forms of West African musical instruments, using a continuous line to maintain a harmonious rhythm. The chair is upholstered in Aso-oke textiles produced by Tunde Owolabi Studios, whom you can find out more about here. 


Studio Lani Dundun Coffee Table African Furniture Design Nigeria

“Studio Lani is a strong believer in the power of design as a tool to solve problems, empower communities and positively impact our livelihood” – Lani Adeoye



– Tapiwa Matsinde


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