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Tsakani [South Africa]


[Image credits: Bedding and Cushions – Tsakani Silk]

Silk is a pure natural protein, gentle on the skin, naturally biodegradable; and because insects do not like to eat silk, does not house dust mites; making it an ideal fabric for those, who like me, suffer from allergies and respiratory conditions like asthma. Sericulture, which is the growing of silk, needs to take place in a chemical-free and natural environment and is a practice supported by pioneering South African silk product developing company, Tsakani

Situated in New Forest, on the border of Mpumalanga Province, Tsakani started life as a government silk project before being privatised in 1994. In recent years, concerns have been raised over harmful silk production methods; and Tsakani is a company committed to sustainable silk harvesting. Tsakani develops and promotes a range of luxurious natural organic African silk products, including bedding and linens, silk-filled duvets, cushions, and soft furnishings, clothing, and personal accessories, that are made using both natural and cultivated silks. Tsakani’s handcrafted Wild African silk is derived from a local species of wild moth. Tsakani’s hand-woven silks are different in look and texture to the more widely known traditional Eastern silks. The silk yarns are hand-spun; with one spinner producing approximately five kilograms of silk yarn a month. The silks are hand-dyed on a small scale, resulting in each batch of colour differing from the next, giving rise to unique and beautifully-hued collections. I do like the softness and lightness of silk, and the colours created by Tsakani’s make for some tempting products indeed.

Additional details:
Product prices on the website range from: R599-R3026
For further information about Tsakani silk visit: www.tsakanisilk.co.za

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