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Babouches are a Moroccan slipper style of footwear. In their traditional form, they can be found in abundance in souks across the country. A favourite of tourists, babouches have now made the transition from colourful travel mementos to high fashion having turned up on the international catwalks in recent years courtesy of local designers such as Zineb Britel and Laura Pujol founders of the luxury footwear brand, ZYNE who are tapping into their heritages to modernise and elevate the Moroccan footwear.



Zyne Modern Moroccan Footwear Babouches Vega III Atelier Fifty Five Feature

Colourful, embellished, textured ZYNE’s slippers are adorned with a joyous cornucopia of sequins, crystals, beads, shimmering metallic threads, raffia, silk and fringing amongst other things. ZYNE’s shoe collections are a showcase of the artistry and craftsmanship Morocco is renowned for. Every pair is handcrafted by a local artisan, drawing on old generational skills such as embroidery techniques. And as a socially responsible company, ZYNE partners with local cooperatives, working with women to support them to better their lives by developing their skills, earning an income and gaining a sense of independence and confidence in all they do. Through their collections, ZYNE is helping to preserve the traditional skills and pass them down to younger generations.


Zyne Modern Moroccan Footwear Babouches Urane Atelier Fifty Five Feature


Zyne Modern Moroccan Footwear Babouches Luna Atelier Fifty Five Feature


Zyne Modern Moroccan Footwear Babouches Berbery Atelier Fifty Five Feature

Simple, comfortable and glamorous ZYNE’s slippers have been fashioned for every occasion, making it difficult to choose a favourite!


– Tapiwa Matsinde


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