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Accessories: Chris Aire Luxury Watch and Jewellery Designer

Chris Aire [Nigeria]


[Image credit: Parley men’s watch – Chirs Aire]

You could say watches are to men what shoes are women; highly desirable collectables that can make you lose all manner of sense and sensibility when the ‘must-have’ spirit takes over. Enter fine jewellery and watch designer to the stars Chris Aire whose über luxurious designs cater to his discerning clientele’s must-have demands; and Chris knows his A-list clientele well given a rather long list of celebrities, sportsmen and business people all flaunting his creations.   To say Chris Aire is partial to a diamond or two would be a bit of an understatement. Known as the ‘Emperor of Ice’ amongst other fitting monikers, the Nigerian jewellery designer spotted a gap in the market for jewellery targeted towards a growing and increasingly affluent urban demographic and seized it.

Recognised as the creator of some of the jewellery industry’s key trends such as the diamond dog tag, Chris initially faced resistance in turning his ideas into reality with detractors doubting he would ever be able to establish a successful market but persistence and following his intuition paid off. Chris’s innovative and trending setting designs have earned him recognition as a leader in what has today become a multibillion-dollar industry. Not only focusing on designing Chris Aire also created and patented his signature red gold which is bought and used by other designers. Chris Aire’s well documented humble beginnings make for a good old-fashioned rags-to-riches story, and saw him starting out with USD$500 to his name and sleeping his car, before becoming successful and then going on to make history as the first jewellery designer to showcase during New York Fashion Week with a range of jewellery as wearable fashion. This saw Chris put on an unforgettable show that saw the likes of Alek Wek in a USD$20 million diamond dress, Naomi Campbell in a US$10 million diamond halter neck top and Tyson Beckford draped in diamonds strutting down the runway.    


[Image credits: top, Parlay mens watch; bottom, Inner Circle men’s watch – Chris Aire]

Back to watches, in collections for both men and women styles range from his Inner Circle collection, oversized Traveller collection and classic designs given a contemporary makeover. Swiss-made watches include many of Chris’s signature materials including stainless steel on the cases and bracelets, mother-of-pearl dials, Quartz Chronograph movement and of course, there will be sprinklings of diamonds to full out diamond pave for those who can not resist. Chris Aire guarantees conflict-free diamonds through personal knowledge and/or written guarantees from suppliers. The diamonds used are manufactured with internationally recognised best practice standards. If flash is not your thing dig your way through the ‘bling’ and there are some stylish gems to be found (pun fully intended!)


[Image credit: Traveller ladies watch – Chris Aire]

…as ‘the Iceman’, to use another of his titles, Chris Aire embodies Hollywood glamour, flash and elegance.

Additional Details:
Prices for watches on the website range from US$2530-USD$233,105
For further information and to purchase visit: www.chrisaire.com

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