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MoSaique - Miami Beat Hakuun

[Images Credits: Hakuun, Miami Beat Collection – MO SAÏQUE]

Afua Dabanka is a woman after my own heart, she just loves her some shoes, with the difference being that whilst I just drool over whatever fabulousness comes my way, she gets to design and make them under her luxury footwear label MO SAÏQUE. A banker turned footwear designer, Afua was born in Germany to Ghanaian parents and now resides in London, where MO SAÏQUE is based. 

Afua started her foray into designing footwear in 2006, taking a course at the London College of Fashion; and before launching MO SAÏQUE in 2011, spent time attending a number of footwear design and shoemaking courses to further hone her skills; along with visiting shoe factories and tradeshows in Europe to gain an insight into the business. Her multi-cultural upbringing is translated into her footwear designs, which see streamlined elegant styles often accentuated with contemporary detailing, and the use of bright, tropical colour palettes and printed fabrics that call to mind her Ghanaian heritage. All MO SAÏQUE footwear is handcrafted in England, using the finest leathers.

Mo Saique - Armour Collection

[Images Credits: Armour Collection – MO SAÏQUE]

Offering a bespoke design service, catering to private clients, and designers looking for the perfect footwear to complement their runway collections, MO SAÏQUE has been seen on red carpets and at London Fashion Week 2014. Afua also recently collaborated with bespoke jewellery designer Anita Quansah, to create the super sexy Armour Collection, a decadently adorned collection of high-heeled strappy sandals featuring fringing, feathers, and beads, that accompanied a range of neck and head-pieces Anita had designed for Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2013.

To get further insight into Afua’s inspirations, MO SAÏQUE is currently being featured on Bloomberg TV Africa’s Women to Watch series.

Additional Details:
MO SAÏQUE footwear is priced at: £240-£575
For further information about MO SAÏQUE visit: www.mo-saique.com
To watch the Bloomberg Africa TV segment visit: www.bloombergtvafrica.com[Image credits: The images shown belong to: MO SAÏQUE. If downloaded and used elsewhere must be credited accordingly]

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