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Dedani Collection Earth Collection Water Natural Colour Cashmere Blanket Rhythmic Pattern South African Design

It’s cold here at the moment, and when the temps dip towards the minus figures, it’s all I can do not to spend the days hibernating, drinking tea and snuggled under a blanket for some much-needed warmth. The cosy cashmere and wool blend blankets from Dedani Collection would be perfect allowing me to hibernate in style. Dedani Collection is a South African textiles brand that is creating handcrafted interior and fashion textiles from luxurious natural fibres. 

Meaning ‘Get out of the way, we are here. We are here to stay’ Dedani has made a bold declaration of their intentions to create a made in Africa brand, one that embraces its surroundings, pays homage to its creative and traditional heritages, and seeks to revolutionise the textile industry with an injection of natural modernity. The collections are produced in collaboration with local artisans skilled in the art of textile weaving both by hand and machine.

Dedani Collection New Ethnic Collection Black and White Cashmere Blanket Geometric Pattern South African Design
Dedani Collection New Ethnic Collection Black and White Cashmere Blanket Geometric Pattern South African Design

Drawing on its traditional South African roots the Clan Collection comprises Tyali, which celebrates female independence and style; and Totem which much-needed patterns from serpents and nature. The Earth Collection is inspired by the elements of the natural African landscape comprising Desert with its soothing neutral tones and Water which embodies the rhythmic calming movement of the ocean. The New Ethnic turns things up a notch displaying bold edgy graphic patterns in striking black and whites and incorporating typographic and abstract artwork elements

Dedani Collection Clan Collection Totem Cashmere Blanket Nature Inspired Pattern South African Design

The Dedani Collection is about all showcasing their rich and diverse cultural heritage, giving it a place in the modern world and creating a new narrative of African luxury.

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For further information about Dedani Collection: http://dedanicollection.com/

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